Account activation

You have to activate your customer account in order to use our services immediately after the first service order.

You will be prompted to the activation page after the first login to your Customer account.

Please complete the following two steps in order to activate your account:

  1. Confirm your phone number

  2. Provide your fist & last names as well as city and country

Confirm phone number

Click on the activation code request button to get new activation code.

You will receive a phone call in a few seconds. You may not answer the call and just reject it. The last 5 digits of the incoming phone number is your activation code.

If you do not receive a phone call for some reason, plese call our automatic activation robot by calling +7 (351) 799-59-86 and then press 444.

Provide customer details

The next and the last step is to provide customer details.

You will have to enter your real name, lastname, choose the country you are from as well as the city.

All data is checked so we kindly ask you to not enter any fake details, as it may delay your service activation for a few hours.

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